The Hotel Middleware & CDP+

One platform that

centralizes all guest data
truly streamlines hotel systems
cleans up data
powers hotels with AI
creates data-led hotel chains
future proofs hotel tech stack

Achieve the Remarkable
With Data-driven Innovation & AI.

Solve problems.

We solve hotel operator challenges with tools like removing duplicate guest profiles, improving loyalty programs, and maintaining data health for smoother operations and better guest experiences.


I want to discover valuable, hidden guest segments.

Example: Indirect business staying 3 nights with a higher than average spend.
Discover valuable hidden guest segments by applying machine learning to data.
AI Guest segmentation

I need to eliminate duplicate guest profiles due to typos, human errors, multiple systems, and imports.

Example: Rick JONES, Rick Jones, Rik Jones
Automatically or manually eliminate duplicated profiles with the highest degree of accuracy.
Match & Merge

I struggle with low-quality & limited communication between hotel solutions.

Example: PMS is not able to store all important information from POS.
Break data silos between software systems. We’ll ensure stable 2-way integrations with detailed data flowing through in real-time.
Data consolidation & normalization

How we’re different.
Discover AI-powered features.

A single view of your first-party data empowers you to discover untapped segments, enhance loyalty programs, ensure compliance, and drive revenue growth. Build on Ireckon’s Advanced Middleware.

AI Guest Segmentation

Move from gut feeling to data-driven segmentation.

Loyalty calculations

Incorporate RFM, diversity, and duration calculations for a comprehensive understanding.

Data Quality Monitoring

Automatically measure guest data quality, notify stakeholders, and update other systems.

Next best offer

Offer the most relevant available item based on historical data and details of the current stay.

Loyalty calculations

Incorporate RFM, diversity, and duration calculations for understanding.

Anomaly Detection

Enhance system integration performance with our anomaly detection algorithm, swiftly addressing issues and improving accuracy.

True 2way+ integrations

Ensure data accuracy across all systems.

How it works

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