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Our mission is to be the World’s Most Trustworthy Customer Data Platform, Empowering Hotels With Truly Reliable Insights And Streamlined Software To Create Unforgettable Guest Experiences.

“We aren’t simply creating integrations. We’re creating something extraordinary for hospitality.”

- Rupert Gutteridge, COO

Our values


At Ireckonu, we live excellence through our commitment to high standards, continues improvement, and delivering outstanding products and services, driven by a culture of dedication and fueled by passion.


At Ireckonu, Partnership fuels our core, fostering teamwork, trust, and innovation, building lasting customer & partner connections for mutual success.​


At Ireckonu, we keep it simple – Transparency means being open, honest and sharing information, to build trust and keep everyone in the loop.

Hiring process

Explore the seamless journey towards becoming a part of our dynamic team with our detailed guide to the hiring process.
Application received
Recruiter screen
Hiring Manager Interview
Technical Interview / Required Skills Assessment
Offer approval via recruitment committee
Job Offer

The perks

“From arranging lunch to managing hardware, the Ireckon team is dedicated to ensuring your work experience is enjoyable.”

Marieke Wisse, Head of Marketing


Hybrid office & flexible hours


Healthy & hearty lunch


Personal & professional


Company & team building events


Prime location & 2 office dogs


Massages, travel reimbursement...

Going above & beyond.
Relocating process.

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