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EVT, a leading hospitality and entertainment brand in Australia & New Zealand, sought to centralize hotel booking capabilities for a seamless guest experience.


Ireckonu's CORE Middleware created a unified back end for multiple brand.com front ends, ensuring consistent bookings and loyalty experiences while simplifying website management.


50% increase in guest satisfaction
30% rise in repeat bookings
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Hoteliers all around the world are becoming more focused on total revenue. While that’s good, hotels won’t be able to optimise their total revenue per available room (TRevPAR) unless they find a way to let their guests buy what they need from the hotel. We need to fix this now.

Every day we don’t, Oaky data shows that we’re losing out on up to 15% of guests who would’ve wanted to enhance their stay but couldn’t. What’s more, by not fixing it, between 3% and 5% of TRevPAR is also lost.

The good news is that there’s a straightforward solution: creating a hyper-personalised guest upselling journey.

The art of upselling – Being relevant
without being intrusive

Traditionally, the act of upselling has carried a negative connotation, often associated with a mere pursuit of profit

However, hotel upselling has shifted dramatically. It has evolved into a sophisticated approach to enhance the guest experience. When done right, it can seamlessly extend the offline experience at the property to the online digital journey. This way, hotels can create more exceptional moments that visitors can enjoy during their stay. The result — a more holistic and immersive journey.

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The essence of upselling, though, lies in its finesse. To be successful, you need to provide valuable offerings without encroaching upon the guest’s experience.

Step 1: Right deal, right guest

At its core, upselling demands an understanding of the guests’ desires and needs. It calls for an exploration of what truly resonates with them.

For any hotel, regardless of guest segmentation, identifying these fundamental needs is paramount.

This marks the initial step in the art of upselling – acknowledging and addressing the inherent desires of guests mixed with what your hotel wants to offer, of course.

The latter here is important – what your hotel wants to offer. The most successful hotels bring together the department leads of Rooms, F&B, Housekeeping, Revenue Management, and Operations to brainstorm what to offer and to whom.

As such, upselling is not only about addressing the needs of the guest – but also a way for hotels to differentiate as a means to attract ne