Guest Insights Unlocked: A Case Study in Data-driven Personalisation with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group


Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, a leading luxury accommodations provider, sought to streamline its data to personalize the guest experience.


Ireckonu's CORE Middleware and CDP centralized customer data enabling guests to access a comprehensive profile.

Key results

A single, unified guest profile
Data-driven, decision-making for accurate guest targeting

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CORE Middleware

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (MOHG) is a leading player in luxury hospitality, boasting hotels, resorts, and private homes in dream destinations across the world. The group recognized the critical role of unified customer data in enhancing the guest experience. To overcome siloed data and elevate their loyalty program relaunch, MOHG sought a hospitality middleware & CDP solution.


“Everything comes back to Ireckonu. Playing a middleware and CDP role allows us to have a lot of synergies and maximize that relationship. It sits at the core of what we’re trying to do from a customer strategy standpoint.”

Adrian Lam, Senior Manager, Digital Customer Strategy at MOHG


Discover how Ireckonu's technology enables the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group to surprise and delight its valued guests.

Ireckonu: The Catalyst for Transformation

Ireckonu emerged as MOHG’s trusted partner, offering a middleware and CDP solution capable of centralising and harmonising customer data. Through powerful API integrations, MOHG now seamlessly integrates key guest data points  – from reservation history to F&B preferences – allowing guests to access a holistic profile when logging in.

Marilyn Tabet, Director of Digital Experience at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, highlights, “We’re starting to make smarter decisions on how we target our customers. Ireckonu is going to be such an important piece of our digital journey — it’s our single source of truth.”


The Ireckonu Advantage: A Multifaceted Approach

  • Unified Customer Profiles: Ireckonu facilitates a match-and-merge process, consolidating data from multiple stays into a single, unified profile for guests who frequent various MOHG properties.
  • Deeper Guest Insights: Previously limited to room data, MOHG now leverages Ireckonu to gain a holistic view of guest behavior. This includes identifying guests who frequent on-site restaurants, enabling targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Data-driven Decision-making: Ireckonu empowers MOHG to move beyond assumptions and base guest targeting on concrete data insights. Additionally, data quality, security, and governance have all seen significant improvements.
  • Centralized Data Management: Ireckonu provides a central hub for data management. Retention policies and data removal can be easily implemented across all integrated systems.


A Partnership for Success

The collaboration between MOHG and Ireckonu exemplifies the transformative power of data-driven hospitality solutions. By establishing a single source of truth, Ireckonu empowers MOHG to personalize the guest journey and elevate service to new heights.