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using Machine Learning

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Next best offer:

Identify the most relevant services to offer guests with machine learning and predictive analytics.

Cancellation Lead Time Report:

Have a clear understanding of when cancellations are likely to happen.

Churn Risk Report:

Spot and act on potential churn by understanding their behavior.

RFM+ Analysis Report:

Tailor loyalty programs with precision to enhance guest engagement and revenue.

Repeat Guests Report (CDP)

Explore the impact of repeat guests with the Repeat Guest Report, offering detailed insights.

Cluster transition report:

Track evolving guest clusters and profile changes with Automated Guest Segmentation data.

Features and Capabilities

AI & ML Guest Segmentation

AI & ML Guest Segmentation

AI and applied Machine Learning find hidden clusters using real guest data.

AI-Driven Marketing

Media attribution insights

Media Attribution Insights

Media Attribution Insights decode the booking journey to reveal which marketing touchpoints have the greatest impact.
Churn management

Churn Management

Reduce customer churn by proactively identifying and engaging with at-risk guests.
Next best offer

Next Best Offer

Machine Learning and predictive analytics automatically identify the most relevant services and upsells for each guest.

Communication Center

Marketing Messaging

Create and manage marketing campaigns within Ireckonu, saving time, improving reporting, and simplifying day-to-day marketing operations.

Transactional Messaging

Automate reservation-related messaging with professional, branded communications.

Central Subscription Center

Respect guest subscription preferences and keep all systems compliant with global privacy laws, including email, SMS, and survey sends.

Data Privacy Hub

Ensure compliance with local privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA) with centralized data anonymization for all connected systems.

Golden Profile 360

Behavioral & Event data

Behavioral & Event Data

Get a 360º view of all guest behavioral, transactional, and event data.


One central location for all guest preferences, from booking paths to amenities to room types.
Accurate guest information

Accurate Guest Information

Precise guest data, enhanced using machine learning and enriched by connected systems.

Guest Recognition

Points & rewards

Points & Rewards

Loyalty program to reward guests based on preferences and total spend.
RFM+ Loyalty

RFM+ Loyalty

Elevate guest loyalty to new heights using machine learning, precise value calculation & real-time updates to other systems.
Membership Management

Membership Management

Effortlessly manage membership programs and ensure that guest points reflect their status.

Identity Management

2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication

Build trust with guests by demonstrating a commitment to data security and privacy with 2FA.
Social Logins

Social Logins

Enable guests to safely log in using their favorite social media accounts for account access.
Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Eliminate the need for multiple usernames and passwords.

Match & Merge +

Guest Data Sync

Guest Data Sync

Automatically resolve duplicate profiles and ensure consistent guest data across all connected systems.
Duplicate elimination - Machine Learning

Duplicate Elimination – Machine Learning

Identify, match, merge, and deduplicate guest data automatically or manually, to get a single, reliable profile for each guest.


Event & behavioral-based segment Creation

Event & Behavioral-Based Segment Creation

Segment customers based on behavioral and event data like website visits, purchase history, and email engagement and personalize marketing efforts.
RFM+ segment Creation

RFM+ Segment Creation

Recognize every guests and build personalized marketing strategies with RFM+ based segmentation creation

Web Mobile Solutions

Web Mobile Check-out

Web Mobile Check-out

Provide guests with a faster, more convenient mobile check-out experience, increasing guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Web Mobile Payment

Web Mobile Payment

Align with modern travelers' expectations for contactless payment options.


Offer guests a modern and convenient mobile check-in solution, reducing check-in time and front desk workload.

“Without Ireckonu, CitizenM would not be where we are now, let alone where we will be in 5 to 10 years.”

Micheal Levie, Co-founder CitizenM