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CORE Middleware

To keep your guests happy, you need to efficiently and seamlessly manage your hotel.

The CORE brings all your systems together, acting as one secure touchpoint between on-premises and above-property systems.

It feeds the ecosystem with data, powering the products that are built around it. It then keeps things running in the background, by staying on top of reservation schedules, monitoring system messages, and fixing issues as they happen, just to name a few.

CORE MiddlewareKey product features

Your guest's experience starts on your foundation with system integration. Our middleware provides the open API logic to enable end to end data flow, secure settings and enrich the ecosystem so that you can focus on leveraging unified data to transform your guest experience.

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Enabling full-scale monitoring of all integrated systems, equipped with extensive dashboard insights. Everything from a high-level system overview (online/offline), all the way down to the specific API message sent and received. Know exactly “when where and why” a system has malfunctioned.

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Developing external Guest Engagement solutions that need to communicate with your operational systems such as your PMS, CRS and POS? We do all the heavy lifting for you by getting certified with many of the major operational systems in the hospitality industry. As a result, we have created a comprehensive set of APIs that communicate with all operational systems connected to CORE. We are the API for all APIs.


Our integration hub is the central location of every insight, notification, and error message sent between all integrated systems. Go from a chain-wide overview to system-specific session logs and seamlessly determine vendor errors, look up a reservation, or filter through cancellations, all in one place.

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Auto-Heal tracks, traces and captures all incomplete or broken messages sent between hotel systems. Instead of just creating another error message, it will continuously attempt to “pull” the missing or incomplete message and proactively resend the message when it has all applicable information.

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With unlimited PMS & CRS integrations, our Reservation Data Store (Res Store) captures all bookings made in each system into a consolidated, real-time database. Based on your custom-defined business logic, our Res Store can normalize the reservation data gathered, regardless of source.

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Interconnect all on-premises technology through a single-port Virtual Machine (VM), entirely managed by us. Our VM will act as a central nervous system for all your operational systems, gathering and consolidating insights while communicating the flow of data between systems.


Showcasing and logging the entire history for every key (digital or physical) that interacts with all your connected door locks. Monitor metrics such as key creation, digital access points, and failure/success rate all within one dashboard.

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A complete overview of your entire hotel room by room, and all of its technology. From warning and error messages, to housekeeping cleaning status, each connected room can be viewed from an efficiency standpoint, compiling all messages of the integrated systems.

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Operational data on key hotel systems is provided in real-time, in an easy to read dashboard. The dashboard allows general managers and other operational departments see metrics such as occupancy levels and guest check-in and check-out volumes by the minute. Best of all, our hybrid architecture allows for this information to be viewed at any place, globally.

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In the current hotel space, having a strong internet connection is no longer a luxury, but a viable asset. With Network Monitoring, you can track the status and the speed of the network inside the hotel, expediting change based upon the number of guests using the Wi-Fi and the overall efficiency of the connected Wi-Fi network.