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Going the extra miles for your guests and truly unlock value, every one of your colleagues should be able to act on your guests needs and wants in the moment.

IAssistU helps your team on the ground and behind the scenes to deliver a personalized experience for guests, based on their preferences and behaviors.

It all works via an employee app that staff on all levels have access to. Push notifications and real time updates allow them to cater for your guests and provide memorable experiences as they move around the hotel.

IAssistUKey product features

Empower and involve your employees when there is an opportunity to build a personal relationship with the guest in real time.

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Leverage the machine learning to make smart recommendations based on guest profile attributes and gain their trust.

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Distribute the right insight at the right moment but based on your staff functions and responsibilities.


Having preferences on the profiles are not enough, let's proactively inform the appropriate departments to prepare the perfect stay prior to your guests arrival.

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Guests don't remember days, they remember moments. Get instantly feedback from your guests and engage them in real time to build long lasting relationship.