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Put your guests in control. With a virtual service that's completely contactless, they can check in and out on their terms, select room upgrade easily, manage their stay seanmlessly.

The guest journey is both strengthened and simplified by allowing them to choose their own check in, check out and room upgrade schedule.

Your team can monitor and anticipate arrival and departure schedules behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly, all with the help of the connected ecosystem.

IGreetUKey product features

Guests can now access their very own check in experience days before arrival and go straight to the front desk or kiosk to pick up their room card. While on the day of departure, they can just check out remotely without stopping at the front desk and waiting in line.

Mobile CI.png

Guests can now enjoy and select their very own room upgrade experience during pre-arrival or user-friendly check in step. Our dynamic software will allow a variety of different upgrade strategy to create a harmonious pre-stay and check in.

Room Upgrade.png

Our white label app solution enables seamless branding while captivate the world in the palm of your guest hand. From easily check in, instant access to the guest room, know everything about local activities, request amenities, manage everything in the guest room, etc.

Mobile App.png

A true digital key enables your guests to access their rooms and public areas while they can share the digital key with their friends and family with just one click.

Digital Key.png

A connected room experience. Your guest can manage and set their preferences of all amenities within the room in the palm of their hand.

In room control.png

Intuitive self check-in kiosks enables seamless flow to take care of your guests. Guests do not need to even think about what to do with just a few simple steps to complete the check-in process through Kiosk or pre-register on mobile then get a room card upon arrival.