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Put your guests in control of their experience. Completely contactless, guests can check in and out, customize their stay via extras and upgrades, and manage their details - all on their own terms.

Enhance the guest journey by empowering them to take full control of their stay. IGreetU offers multiple channels that guests can use to skip the front desk, customize their experience, and engage with your hotel on their terms.

This means your hotel staff can spend more time crafting personal relationships with guests and less on manual busy work. Your team can monitor and anticipate arrival and departure schedules behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly, all with the help of Ireckonu's connected ecosystem.

IGreetUKey product features

Let your guests skip the time spent standing at the front desk. Guests can now complete the pre-check in process days before arrival and go straight to the front desk or kiosk to pick up their room key. On the day of departure, they can confirm their folio, pay their charges, and complete check out, all from the palm of their hand.

Mobile CI.png

Offer room upgrades with unequaled flexibility for both guests and hotel staff. Your team can craft specific upsell strategies to maximize inventory, while offering guests the ability to improve their stays.

Room Upgrade.png

The Ireckonu mobile app puts your guest in full control of their stay from before check in to after check out, and everything in between. With mobile room keys, events calendar, restaurant bookings, amenity requests and more, your guests will be empowered to enjoy their stay on their own terms. Our white label app solution enables seamless branding.

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A fully digital and secure room key, built into the Ireckonu Mobile App. Give guests easy access to their rooms and hotel facilities, while enabling them to share the key with their friends and family in just one click.

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The phone becomes an integrated remote, enabling a connected room experience for your guests. They can now control lights, media & entertainment, set preferences, and more, all from the palm of their hand.

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Offer a frictionless experience so guests can check in and out on their own terms. The Kiosk gives guests the ability to update their personal details, select upgrades, capture payment method and more. This means your staff can focus on making guests feel welcomed.