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What makes a guest want to book the same hotel in the future? Delivering an experience that understands what they need and how they behave.

IInformU gives you real-time reporting on real-time data, so you can make more informed decisions about your future strategy and uncover the lifetime value of your guests and their path to purchase.

Stitch together different areas of insights to understand all areas, including loyalty, acquisition and retention. And, by dividing your audience into meaningful segments, you can take a deep dive into relationship engagement and communication.

IInformUKey product features

Having your business KPI's at your fingertip so that you can always do a pulse check to proactively identify opportunities from a global, regional and local views.

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Knowing your guests and business performance are not enough. With advanced analytics, you can optimize, correlate and predict the next best action to fuel your business pillars and stay ahead on direct to consumer strategy.

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Power Cubes enable you to slice and dice your own information, develop a common language to speak about how it connects to your business, create spaces where you connect business concepts and result concepts together, transform your organization into a data centric company.

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Leverage the guest insights to drive engagement efficiently and identify opportunities to eliminate defects which leads to more happy and repeat guests.

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Look beyond the traditional reservation booking lead time. Once your media data is being collaborated in our CORE middleware, you can truly understand how your guests engage your brand by each segment. It will transform you from transactional marketing to relationship marketing.

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Knowing your customer lifetime value enables you to see who your loyal base includes. It allows you to make smart marketing investment, know who to target and determine if your commercial strategy is moving in the right direction. By approaching your strategy and investment with a long term view, you can create more repeat guests and build a greater loyal base.