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Guests are delighted when you make them feel like you have everthing in place for their perfect stay. That's what keeps them coming back again and again.

IKnowU is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that tells you everything you need to uitilize and interpret guest information. It works as a repository of all consolidated guest profiles, which you can then customize and manage in whatever way works for you.

And with everything in one place, it can sync with your external systems, giving you nimble access to your guest information, as and when you need it.

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IKnowU Product overview

IKnowUKey product features

This is where true guest engagement starts. IKnowU profiles is a centralized repository of all consolidated guest profile information which is updated and maintained in real-time that is synchronize with external system such as your PMS and CRS via a 2-way profile sync. Equipped with guest details, preferences, stay history, and lifetime value, IKnowU is the system of record (SOR) for all integrated systems. IKnowU provides the baseline for all guest engagement efforts.

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Matching, Merging, and Deduping a multitude of guest profiles to create one gold copy profile, known as the system of record (SOR). Ireckonu works with each hotel group individually to optimize business rules, while allowing hotel groups to determine when to auto-merge versus using the extensive manual merge configuration.

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Powered by our full Auth0 integration, we have effectively separated identity management (username and password) from a guest’s profile, allowing hoteliers to provide single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication, and even social logins with platforms such as Google, Apple and Facebook.

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Effectively manage your subscription center centrally to maintain a trusting relationship with your guests, improve email marketing initiatives and optimize your business performance.

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The communication Centre enables you to customize messages based on automated business rules over the journey of your guests starting at the point of confirmation, through pre-arrival, In-stay and post stay.

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Start from stitching all of your guest information together including event, behavioral, transactional & system data, you can then transform your brand into a data centric experiences organization by moving from fundamental needs to deep connection, from same experiences for all guests to personalized experiences by guest and from hotel drive experience to data centric experience.

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Based on event, behavioral, transactional & system data, you can create ad-hoc or schedule guest segmentation groups to deliver more personalized message and targeted marketing approach to drive engagement and retention.

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IKnowU’s system of record (SOR) for profile houses all associated profile ID’s from external systems, back to the “master” profile. Upon request, a hotel group can easily locate all linked guest profiles and quickly anonymize the guest based upon request.

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