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Make it simple for your guests to have an even more rewarding stay with you.

IRewardU is set up to take the complexity out of loyalty, so guests get rewarded with personalized offers that are relevant to them.

Perks are personalized and instant, and leverage machine learning and guest insights. This creates a reward engine that drives direct guest communication, builds meaningful brand loyalty, and is flexible to the wants and needs of the guest.

IRewardUKey product features

Isn't being a member about being "known" and knowing you are actively looked after? Our membership management enables world class employees always take care of their loyal guests.

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Transactional loyalty and rewards programs are fundamentally structured to prevent true personalization. With our recognition pillars - Recency Frequency Monetary Duration Diversity and combine with your customized dimensions to create a true personalized recognition approach.


Go farther than just sending transactional marketing communication. Leverage our machine learning to create an integration between profile attributes that improves over time, empowering your brand to build emotional connection with the guests.

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Proactively monitoring your retention index enables you to continuously evolve your customer relationship strategy to increase profitability.


No more waiting on cumulating loyalty points, reward your guests what matters to them instantly based on RFM+ score and build deeper direct relationship.

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