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Customer experience overview

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Hotel stays are made memorable by consistent, relevant and surprisingly meaningful experiences across every touchpoint. And memorable stays keep guests coming back. That’s why each one of our products plays a crucial role in delivering a personalized guest experience.

It starts with the Core, a middleware platform that makes managing your systems easy. IKnowU is a Customer Data Platform that synchronizes your guests’ preferences in real time. IGreetU introduces a virtual front desk to save time and effort for you and your guests. IInformU provides advanced, actionable insight that helps you determine your next move. IAssistU gives your team the tools to create meaningful experiences on the ground and in the moment. And IRewardU generates lifetime value and loyalty for your guests.

A fully connected modular ecosystem


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CORE Middleware

Looking after your guests

To keep your guests happy, you need to efficiently and seamlessly manage  your hotel. The Core brings all your systems together, acting as one secure touchpoint between on-premises and above-property systems.

Key benefits

  • Complete view of your systems

  • Integrated operation

  • Real-time issue management

  • Automatically generated insights

  • Cloud-based framework that scales with your organization


Profiling your guests

When you truly know and understand your guests needs and motivations, you can deliver personalized, relevant experiences that delight them. IKnowU gives you and your staff that understanding and capability, so guests will keep coming back again and again.

Key benefits

  • One true view of your guests

  • Lifetime value for each guests

  • Seamless single sign on

  • Create unique target audiences in real time

  • Capture greater share of wallet


Empowering your guests

Put your guests in control. With a virtual service that’s completely contactless, they can check in and out on their terms, select room upgrade, making it quick, secure, and easy.

Key benefits

  • Virtual check in prior to arrival

  • Streamlined and secure

  • Quick and easy check out

  • Manage room upgrades and requests

  • Seamlessly works with hardware solutions and payment providers


Understanding your guests

What makes a guest want to book the same hotel in the future? Delivering an experience that understands what they need and how they behave. IInformU gives you real-time reporting on real-time data, so you can make more informed decisions about your future strategy.

Key benefits

  • Real time data generation

  • Detailed overview of historical and future reservations

  • Personalized report generation

  • Customizable dashboard

  • Synchronize with your preferred reporting output


Going the extra miles for your guests

To truly unlock value, every one of your colleagues should be able to act on your guests needs and wants in the moment. IAssistU helps your team on the ground and behind the scenes to deliver a personalized experience for guests, based on  their preferences and behaviors.

Key benefits

  • Personalized approach to guest satisfaction

  • Everything in the palm of your hands

  • Be informed 100% of the time

  • Create memorable moment for your guest


Appreciating your guests

Make it simple for your guests to have an even more rewarding stay with you. IRewardU is set up to take the complexity out of loyalty, so they get rewarded with personalized offers that are relevant to them.

Key benefits

  • Dynamic view of guest value

  • Straightforward appreciation process

  • Flexible matrix that works alongside in hour and third party reward systems